Books Ahoy: A Field Guide to Fabric Design

I have followed the True Up blog for almost 4 years now, and ran into the book signing of True Up’s author Kimberly Kight at Quilt Market over the weekend.  What fun to meet her AND get her new book, A Field Guide to Fabric Design.  I have a number of decade (s) old books on fabric design and there have been many good ebooks out recently, and some new good contemporary compilations, but this is a substantial book with heft put out by the new Stash Books, part of C&T Publishing.  I’m not sure I need it, but I can’t bear to miss out on a single resource in my biz.  She covers fundamentals, step-by-step design, color, repeats, handprinting and digital printing, business and how to get started. Lots of pics too, most importantly!

Kimberly Kight

3 thoughts on “Books Ahoy: A Field Guide to Fabric Design

  1. The book looks stunning. Thank you for the post. I’ll check it out at our local Barnes & Noble Booksellers in Flagstaff. We aren’t a big city but often our B&N has some great books.


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