Quilt Market 2011: Andover Fabrics

I am thrilled to be designing for Andover Fabrics and will be even more excited when my first collection, Tokyo Rococo, comes out in January.   Best thing about it is that this year at Quilt Market, rather than tromping around pitching to different companies like last year, I had an opportunity to see all of Andover’s collections in detail including the many future collections, and what can I say but …”wow!” … “so cool” and “pretty hot!”

They have a bunch of amazing new designers from a variety of backgrounds with really innovative collections.  And their seasoned stars keep at it with such high quality lines.  I’m super proud to be part of the team.  Hey, check out my name on the banner. (I don’t use this blog for self promotion usually, please translate this as me sharing my excitement!)

And I got to hear about Andover’s future plans and vision and all I can say is hold onto your hats, and stay tuned…..

And here is a pic of some of the gentlemen (did I say that?) from Andover Fabrics.  That is John Conneely on the left, recently retired VP of Sales, described by a rep to me as “the best in the business”.  John was my first contact at Andover and set the tone and became part of the reason they topped my list.  Dennis Bevins (on the right), is the new National Sales Manager, and after spending time with him, I heartily approve  (plus he gets the best dressed award).    In the middle is David Weinstein, the President of Andover Fabrics, who grew up in the business and is the reason the company has been so successful.

The money shot! John Conneely, David Weinstein, Dennis Bevins

It was bustling!

8 thoughts on “Quilt Market 2011: Andover Fabrics

  1. Congrats Carol! Andover Fabrics has just scored huge! You are one hell of a designer and have always been an inspiration to me. I look forward to keeping an eye on future collections from Andover. Congratulations again! Angie


  2. Wow, i’m very impressed, Carol! Very, very cool to see your name on the Andover banner, and on their website! Huge congrats on your first collection! Can’t wait to see the actual fabrics.


  3. That is sooo neat! I’m so glad you shared your excitement with us. Your name is so perfect for a designer, seriously! It’s just says DESIGNER. Can’t wait to see and hear more!


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