Studio Stash Revealed: Christie Daugherty, the Stamp Shack Lady

I had the pleasure of meeting Christie during speed dating at the first morning of The Creative Connection Event, and it was so nice to see her smiling face throughout!  She has her hands in all sorts of things, multi-talented as she is.  Let’s see, she has been teaching card making and scrapbooking for six years; and in the last three she has added digital design and quiltmaking classes to her roster.  She is a multi-media artist, crafter, quilter, blogger and I love all the crossing of boundaries with different mediums. She is also a Stampin’ Up demonstrator. Let’s take a sneak peak at her studio stash:

I love colored paper!

What a great space, never mind enough room for students, I want it all to myself!

An end product!


Christie Daugherty herself!

6 thoughts on “Studio Stash Revealed: Christie Daugherty, the Stamp Shack Lady

  1. Oh, gee, thank you for sharing this wonderful studio space, classroom, and supplies! Okay, so maybe I’m being a tad fecious (sp?). I won’t take photos of my studio or sewing room because oh, my goodness, neither room, or my house, looks anything like this. However, I have hope. And I’m one of your BYW Class of Fall 2011 classmates. If you don’t mind, I’m going to try to follow your blog. I’m glad I found you in the Southwest. I live in Flagstaff, AZ, about 150 miles North of Phoenix.


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