Pacific International Quilt Festival

Amazing!  Went to the Pacific International Quilt Festival in Santa Clara again this year.  The floor space is divided between booth of quilt stores, suppliers, pattern makers, quilting industry vendors, and exhibition of quilts of all kinds.  There are people with white gloves that will lift and flip up the quilt corners so you can see the back sides.  Gorgeous and jaw dropping.    I wish I knew how many quilts were on display, it was very extensive.  Sometimes I wasn’t taking pictures, just taking it all in. Sometimes when I wanted to take pictures, there were just too many people to get a shot.  So I have a miniscule representation of what was there, and have edited to show a variety here.  From traditional style quilts with detailed workmanship, to the very innovative , its all inspiring.  Wish you were there!

“Introspection” by Maya Chaimovich, Isreal

“House Top Quilt” by Tara Faughnan, Oakland, CA

“Untitled 2” by Harriet Markell & Melanie Meadows, Las Gatos, CA

“Fruits and Feathers” by Marie O’Kelley, Seattle, WA.  Won Best Hand Workmanship, Traditional Category

“Secret Haven” by Susan Mogan, Paducah, Kentucky. Won The Janome Best Entry, Amateur, Innovation Category

“Crazy Quilt Pansies 2011, Designed and made by Diana McClun, machine quilted by Victoria Simpson of Creative Quilts. The design and fabrics were inspired by a 1951 fabric and a class Diana took at Asilomar with Ursula Kerns in 2011.

“Space Wonder” by Beth Nufer and Shelley Knapp, Brookings, Oregon, 3rd place in Innovative Category

“Flower Raft” by Kazue Tukayama, Japan

“Crazy Quilt Tulips 2011” Designed and made by Diana McClun, machine quilted by Victoria Simpson of Creative Quilts

“Flower Mart” By Linda Bergmann & Shelley Nealon

“Life’s Sonata” by Donna L Rice, Bend, Oregon

“Lady Among Peacocks” by Edwina J Ow, San Francisco

“Greek Fossils” by Ferret, United kingdom, top piece is hand-dyed fabric by Heide Stoll-Weber

Greek Fossils by Ferret, United Kingdom, here we see the white gloves showing us the back

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