I’m Just Mad About Saffron

I have had a love affair with saffron for years now.  And I mostly mean the color; but I also mean the spice.  Very timely, earlier tonight a friend gave us a present from  Spain of some gorgeous saffron threads (the spice threads, not fabric threads-who knew food and textiles were so intertwined!)  Its saffron every where so I must wax on about saffron.

It started with a purchase of some gorgeous Etro paisley bedding with colors of saffrons and golds, and then the search for raw silk with just the right color in fabric markets in Asia for several years til I eventually had a collection of rich yellow-oranges.  Then on a trip to Burma, it was the time of year they were doing their annual weaving of the saffron material for the temples–every loom had saffron material on it!  One of my fondest “color moments”.

Our bedroom in San Francisco is still saffron “ish”.  Some of the raw silk drapes over the glass doors, and when the sun shines through the afternoon….ahhh..a melting moment.  The Etro paisley has been replaced by a Ralph Lauren paisley with much less saffron, but still with twinges of it.  There is a piece of pottery by Jack in saffron and burnt oranges, a Chinese ceramic reproduction, a Balinese saffron double umbrella. How long will this saffron love affair last?  Are colors fickle in our hearts?  Am I writing this out sentiment of a projected ending of the “saffron days”?

Time to do a saffron textile design or a whole line with a saffron themed colorway–Saffron’s Song maybe I will call it. (maybe a swan song in my own mind). In the Pantone 2011 Interior Color palettes, the FRAGMENTS has a Bright Gold 16-0947 and an Amberglow 16-1350, MIXED MEDIA has an Ochre 14-1036 and a Copper 16-1325. Perhaps a place to start.

Etro Duvet

Etro Paisley
Yangon Looms

Looms In Yangon
Burmese nuns

Burmese Nuns

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